Our orthodontics services range from Invisalign removable teeth aligners to traditional orthodontics.

Services Include:


Invisalign is a revolutionary way to help you get even, straight teeth without noticeable, painful metal braces. Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of custom clear aligners. The aligners are smooth, clear and virtually invisible plastic. Wearing the aligners will gradually shift your teeth into place, based on exact movements that are planned for you.

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Traditional Orthodontics

Dr. Fedon will observe and guide facial development, which in turn serves to improve both the appearance of teeth as well as how the teeth function when chewing. The relationship of how each tooth works in concert with the others and the bite of a patient is important. Dr. Fedon is responsible for improving and dramatically correcting the smiles of patients utilizing braces, retainers and other types of orthodontic appliances. By enhancing the alignment of teeth, this often improves the appearance of the whole face shape for the better. Dr. Fedon can correct teeth that are misaligned but will also correct jaw abnormalities and fix overbites. While many people associate orthodontics with teenagers with crooked teeth, in reality, we treat people of all age groups who seek a healthier and more appealing smile

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